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// I Met Him Once & Knew He was a Real Man. This is Why.//

He’s a Protector: He removed me from situations in which I may be vulnerable or get hurt. 

He is Incredibly Grateful: He expressed gratitude to play in Ohio and in his first professional game. He understands that what he has in his life is a privilege. He never takes it for granted or feels entitled by his achievements.

He is a Leader: He has worked hard to earn respect and get where he wants to go. He doesn’t rely on his parents wealth or connections to get him somewhere. He exudes confidence because he has put in the time and hard work to truly earn it.

He is a Role Model: He leads by example and respects himself and others at all times. How? Someone actually hit him. He did not engage in the behavior or fight back even though he is 6’3”, almost 200lbs and could crush the guy. Instead, he laughed it off and moved towards bigger and better things.

He Treats Women with Respect: He was kind, considerate and thoughtful. He was concerned for my well-being, safety and reputation. He asked questions and made efforts to ensure I felt okay.

He Makes His Own Fortune: He is young, yet lives on his own and already makes a decent living. He is focused on his future and being able to provide. It is clear he strives for success and wont settle for anything less.

This guy is the real deal. He is amazing.
This is what I want in a man. This is what I deserve.

// Day In Review//


  • Did not sleep well last night. Coffee late in the day + lots on my mind do NOT help me make good food choices.
  • I might have eaten half of an angel food cake.


  • Met with gym business owners who provided really great insights and advice. “Ready. Fire. Aim.” Grateful & inspired!
  • 9-9.30min 2.5miles & circuit!


  • Date night, be present!
  • Trust. If it is meant to be, it will be :)
I can’t believe I am actually doing this!

I can’t believe I am actually doing this!

// Keep Going//

I started this goal only 10 days ago and I’m absolutely proud of the changes I’ve made seemingly over night.

  • I am eating so clean (besides the cheat day I allowed myself this Saturday!) 
  • I am working out EVERY day (except 1 day a week I allow myself an active rest day)
  • I am staying positive and DOING this, making no excuses and focusing on the outcome I want

I realize it’s been a short period of time, but I am not losing weight as I expected. In fact, I’ve gained weight. This is not ideal considering the deadline I’m up against, but how I feel and the muscles I’m seeing make it so worth it!! The best advice received thus far is to just keep going. And my friend is right. I can’t give up on my goal because it’s not working out as I wanted. If I don’t drop enough weight by August, well that’s a risk I’m willing to take because this goes so much further than a try out. I am taking care of my mind and body, looking and feeling better and that is what really matters. (It’s also helps when D Maltz tells me I have a really nice ass). Just saying. Don’t stop, keep going!

Lost in love with you it’s a #prettything

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7th grade, before I played real sports. Something I wish I stuck with :)

7th grade, before I played real sports. Something I wish I stuck with :)

Ice Girl Kickoff

"Sometimes the hardest part of getting started is taking the first step." 

First day on the ice.

First day on the ice.

Nico & Vinz Am I Wrong
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If you don’t set a baseline standard for what you’ll accept in life, you’ll find it’s easy to slip into behaviors and attitudes or a quality of life that’s far below what you deserve.

// The Toxic Asshole//

When did it become acceptable to send dick pics? To bark orders at women and tell them to do things for you so they get the “privilege” of spending time with you? To pretend to be interested and hang out in the beginning only to end up texting after 10pm periodically to come over for a hook up. Like I want you and your junk that bad. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

I look for the best in everyone, I give the benefit of the doubt. Lately I am confronted with a lot of unacceptable behaviors and toxic guys. I’m trusting, open, caring, and kind. Don’t mistake this for weak or easy to take advantage of.

I am concerned for men who think that it is okay to treat women like this. I refuse to let you in my life. I can only hope you have a daughter some day.

// State Champions//

A letter to my former high school lacrosse team.

Everything you worked for, all that you put in, every second you’ve spent to improve your mind, body and skill for lacrosse will be put to the test this weekend. And it will be a defining moment in your life. You will one day look back to your experience on this team and say to yourself, “I get this, this is what it was all about.” The work ethic and discipline you gained as a player on this team will guide your life and stand as a foundation of who you are and the person you have the capability to become. Your teammates will be a great support beyond this game. Years later they will still push you to be better every day. Why? Because you will give everything you have on the field for them. You will give the team your best. Together you will work towards achieving the ultimate: the state championship. And together you will prove to yourselves and everyone watching that you could do it. Take the opportunity to define the moment this weekend, and you will learn that together, you have the power to achieve anything.
It’s not about coming up with ideas; it’s about believing in them, and having an attitude that compels you to run with the idea before it’s too late.
– @fastcompany
Myrtle Beach, May 28th 2014

Myrtle Beach, May 28th 2014

// Summer Kickoff 2014//

No thinking–just doing.

After a wonderful week in Myrtle Beach with my grandparents, I not only got a killer tan to start, but I also found renewed passion and commitment for improving my life this summer. I possess the tools and capabilities to accomplish my goals. This combined with summer objectives leaves me now in the position to JUST DO. No more over-thinking, over-analyzing or questioning myself and what I am doing. Instead, just doing what I know I need to do. Is it in the best interest of my health, body and mind? Is it in-line with my goals? Yes = DO. No = Do not.

Cheers with my matcha green tea and banana smoothie. Here’s to summer 2014!

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