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// Indecision//

It plagues me. I’m sick of riding the wishy-washy wave of it. It’s time to commit to something and see it through no matter what the outcome. An experience from start to finish, lessons learned and better for it in the end… that’s the worst that could happen.

"…actually fuck that, #maupstrong BOOM"—mwp

// The Grind//

The only way to achieve any sort of “breakthrough” this year, is to put in work every single day. This year is about hard work and getting it done, no excuses. 2014 is the year of the Grind.

[We must] …be able, at any moment,
to sacrifice what we are
for what we will become.
Eric Thomas via @ChazzWoodson

// Goal 1: Drop the Weight//

Inspired by the quote, I believe the first steps I need to take this year will be getting rid of the dead weight… in every aspect of my life: socially, mentally and especially physically. I returned to PT today after a week off, and while I loved getting my butt kicked (it after all was exactly what I needed it and an excellent way to get my year started), I struggled. I am out of shape and I have no excuse. I have full use of my ankle, a workout plan written up for me, but more importantly, I have 100% control of my diet. I couldn’t help but blurt out in the midst of jumping hurdles, “there’s too much weight”, because I could feel how the extra 10 pounds was making it 10x harder for me to jump and for my ankle and calf muscles to keep up. Healthy eating begins now. It’s a mindset, a lifestyle, not a diet, and it starts today.

// I Don’t Chase Men… I Get the Jersey.//

What is so wrong with an athletic female wanting to date or marry an athlete?? Yes, a man with a ripped bod, playing a sport, particularly as his profession might be the biggest turn on ever and pretty much my greatest fantasy. Therefore, I suppose I am a self proclaimed “Jersey Chaser”… because I’m surrounded by very good athletes and will only date them, except I never chase a man. Case and point, I’ve dated programmers in my past. Typically the quiet, smart, skinny nerd-boy with boyish good looks, dark brown hair and bonus if they can rock a faux-hawk. They are obviously great people and have a lot to give, however, I love sports, and I want to play them… even the corporate sand volleyball games, until I’m like 60. So I’m thrilled when my programmer boyfriend wants to play with me… until HE SUCKS. There is no greater turn off for a girl to realize she is physically and athletically more capable than her man in the realm of sports—a role where he should be better (according to me and society). The problem is, non-athletes (or NARPS), lack certain skills, mentalities and experiences that come naturally to athletes. They are characteristics and beliefs that were engrained in me growing up as an athlete and it is extremely hard to not look for those qualities in my future mate. I crave a team mentality and supportive environment from my partner as I would my teammates; I prefer my man have similar desires to workout and do athletic activities with me. I’m not looking for a professional, I am looking for someone to be as much as if not athletically more talented than me so I don’t feel like a man. So the next time you call someone a “Jersey Chaser”, Men: think for a moment that she might be incredibly athletic, still very active and doesn’t want to be better at ‘manly’ things than her man and Women: you clearly were never an true athlete. It’s just easier to find those men when you already know they play a sport ;)

Happiness can exist only in acceptance.
George Orwell
here’s to the beginning of a new year!

here’s to the beginning of a new year!

// 2013 Year In Review//

  • NYE 2k11, 3 deep on the cloud
  • 2013 LaxCon: Max Ritz.
  • HOCKEY’S BACK! Jared Boll autographed puck, CBJ #40
  • My first season as a College Coach
  • Ooooh Back to School…
  • Spring Break, ‘Bama style
  • Matt leaves ;(
  • 6 month concussion
  • Another amazing year of Ohio Machine
  • Lax Tournaments!! ☘ ☘ ☘
  • B’more & Crab
  • #We’veGonePro + Goalies?
  • Songs: “Can’t Stop”, “Blurred Lines”
    “Up all night to get lucky”, “Scotty Doesn’t Know”
  • Honey Badgers! 1st Place, Amateurs
  • ♥ ♥ ♥ #27 ♥ ♥ ♥ // that. NY. swagger.
  • Bear Shark
  • Boston, Placid, Broken Ankles
  • Surgery, #theReturn, PT
  • my game changer :)
  • Christmas Vacation ⚓

// December//

As this year comes to a close, I am anxious to wrap things up and excited for new opportunities… yet I am calm knowing that 2014 will be better. I made massive changes in 2013, struggled to balance it all and was faced with some major obstacles. But with a full year’s experience, comes a wiser more confident second. I’m looking forward to making significant improvements and finally reaching my goals. Fortunate enough to have a vacation and lots of free time this month, I’ve spent a lot of time considering the goals I want to achieve, dreams I want to reach for, and what my theme will be for 2014. 2011 was a year of enlightenment and exciting change, 2012 came with incredible momentum and progress, 2013 was filled with blind optimism, serious set backs, and a lot of learning, 2014…? Perhaps it is the year where it all comes together. Yes, that’s it. 2014 will be the year of culmination, The Breakthrough.

The manner in which we verbally characterize our lives and the events therein, will have a profound effect on the way we experience them.
Being great tomorrow, means deciding to be great right now.

// Fresh Start, 45 Days//

Back to tracking the positives to document my progress and use as a baseline to improve upon.

I have a goal to lose as much weight as possible in 45 days, less pressure and intensity. It will be gradual, yet lasting.

Today was successful due to:
🔸Accomplishing timely yet necessary tasks that needed to get done ie: renewing my drivers license… with crutches and getting my hard drive fixed.
🔸I did not over eat
🔸I made better food choices than previous days

Tomorrows Goals:
🔸Do not over eat
🔸Eat less sugar

So the pertinent question is, do I have a particular set of personal standards to which I hold myself accountable? It’s only once we have defined our own personal standards that we will know whether or not we are treating ourselves with respect that we deserve, and that we require in order to uphold our own standards of being. Because until then, we have no basis for judgement - good or bad.
Fashion addict.
Lacrosse player.
Sucker for
hockey players.